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Unlocking Cash Flow for All African Businesses

Group of Engineers

Our Mission

We are on a mission to unlock Africa's economic potential by making it easier to do business.


How? By building a technology platform helping SMEs improve cash flow and working capital, so they can sell more products and services, get more customers, and reach their full potential.

Our software enables SMEs to get paid faster, prevent bad debt, optimize cash flow, eliminate the administrative burden of managing receivables and collections, and strengthen relationships with their customers.

Our Customers

We understand the pain points SMEs face when selling products or services to other businesses. Late payments, bad debts, cash flow gaps, and time-consuming billing and collection processes restrict the growth of so many African businesses.

That is why we partner with B2B companies across various industries to help them solve those challenges. Our customers include manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors of fast-moving consumer goods, logistics companies, as well as service providers, such as food services, marketing agencies, staffing firms, IT, lawyers, and accountants.

Our goal is to serve over a million businesses across the continent and power economic prosperity for all. 

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